Chick Fil A ~ Thanks for the Memories....  

Posted by: Julie

As we all know, today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A. The kids were really excited about dressing up as cows and we were ready with home made cow costumes. Then we realized that we needed masks.

Here the kids are making their cow masks this morning before going to Chick Fil A.
(thanks to Jennifer for the great idea for cow masks!)

We got all dressed up and went to see my Grandmother and Uncle. They had heard about us dressing up and wanted to see. My Uncle David took these pictures of us.

Talk about a herd of cows!

We got to Chick Fil A and were very glad to see lots of other "cows" joining in all the fun. We had a great time eating our yummy food and seeing all the different ways everyone dressed up. There was even a lady walking around passing out free mini sized stuffed cows with the "Eat More Chicken" sign on. She gave one to every child dressed up like a cow.

Here the kids are digging into their chicken!

We had a great time making summer time memories. I told my kids, "I bet when you go back to school and the teacher says 'What did you do this summer?', you will be the only ones to say that you went to a Flea Circus AND dressed up like a cow and went to Chick Fil A for free food!"

They are already excited about going again next year! I plan on sending Chick Fil A an email thanking them for the free goodies and for all the fun. I hope you do, too.

Lots of folks are posting about their day at Chick Fil A. To read more, visit Money Saving Mom.

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You guys looked great.
Those mask are so fun, I am glad someone else got free food for making them.
Have a great weekend.

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