We've got the bug  

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Nearly everyone at my house is or has been sick this week.

Kimberly came down with a fever on Sunday (103*) and she just went back to school today (Thursday)

Jessica was next. Tuesday she was home. No fever but she was throwing up.

Today it's me and Andrew. I've got a slight fever, congestion, cough and all over aches.

Andrew has a fever of 102*, but would you believe he went to school anyway? Yes, I know, I'm a bad parent for letting a sick child go to school but there is a reason.

Every year Andrew ends up with strep throat and misses out on perfect attendance. He has since had his tonsils removed and hasn't had strep again. He's made it nearly (3) 9-weeks of school with out missing a day. He SOOOO wants perfect attendance...just once! So, I let him go to school. I told him to call me and I'd pick him up once he hit the half-day point but he made it all day. He's miserable now, but he's had some more Motrin and he's laying down.

He's supposed to have "Why" practice tonight but we may just have to miss that one. I know it's crunch time...but he's one sick little boy. We'll see how he feels when it's time to go.

We are also supposed to have Jessica's birthday party on Sunday. UGH! The house is a mess, there's a couple of "Why" practices to go to, Andrew has practice on Saturday for "Spring Sing" and I've got to make a cake. I'd love to postpone the party, but next Sunday we have 2 "Why" performances and the following Sunday is Easter.

It's too much to think about right now. I'm going to go lay down until I have to pick up the girls from their after school class.

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Please keep sick kids home! When I as a kid there was a girl that always wanted the perfect attendance award. She would come to school sick and by doing so get everyone else sick. We stayed home and rested and she got her prized certificate. Kids get better faster when they get proper rest. It can also be dangerous to overdue when sick. Take care.

I know my choice to let him go is an unpopular one. This is the one and only time I have let a sick child go to school and only because this has meant so very much to him. I will say though that by the time your child shows signs of being sick they, and everyone else in their class, already be exposed to the germs. It can take up to 7 - 10 days to show symptoms after coming in contact with the germs. Not much you can really do about it.

Here's hoping that everyone begins to feel better this weekend. The same bug went around our house during the last three weeks and it's miserable!

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