Flying in Zone 2 ~ The Kitchen  

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This week is "Zone 2 ~ The Kitchen"

So what is a "Zone"?

Flylady has broken the house into Zones, or rooms, to deep clean each week.
This is when you spend time each day of that week in that selected room and do some deep cleaning. You can read more about Flylady Zones HERE.

This week we're in the kitchen. Right before Christmas I went through the kitchen and cleaned out and wiped down my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Does that mean I won't do it again this week? NO! This is when the easy part starts.

If I take the time to make sure each cabinet and drawer is clean, straight and clutter free then it won't get so dirty that it becomes a huge job to clean again. All it will take is a few minutes (15 tops) to keep it looking nice.

My BIG job for this week is cleaning out the fridge. I'm going to empty it out, wash it well and only put back what is still good. I know there are some things that need to be trashed. If I keep my fridge cleaned out, then it's easier to see those leftovers and use them instead of letting them ruin.

So how has my Weekly Blessing been going today? Have a look...

1. Make all beds ~ DONE ~

2. Empty dishwasher ~DONE~

3. Toss in a load of laundry ~DONE~

4. Wipe down both bathrooms ~DONE ~

5. Sweep and mop kitchen, laundry room and bathroom floors

(I've DONE the bathrooms; still need to do the kitchen and laundry room)

6. Clean bathtubs and showers ~DONE~

7. Feather dust ~DONE~

8. Vacuum ~DONE~

My break is now over. I'm gonna grab a small bite to eat then head into the kitchen.

I'm going to get all the clutter picked up, make sure all the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher, sweep and mop the floor then work on that fridge.

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I'm so overwhelmed with all the junk we have. You are inspiring me. I did Fly Lady a long time ago but kinda forgot about it. I am revisiting and trying to get going again. Thanks for the post about what you are doing.

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