Tuesday ~ Errand Day~  

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So I've been looking over my schedule and thinking about things I want to accomplish and I'm thinking that Tuesday is going to be my best day for errands.

My youngest son has speech therapy from 9 AM - 10 AM every Tuesday morning. After stopping my "flying" for speech, it's really hard for me to get motivated again to clean.

I've usually gotten a lot accomplished by the time the therapist comes at 9 AM:
  • Kids up, dressed, fed and off to school
  • All beds made up
  • Bathrooms swished and swiped
  • Kitchen cleaned up from breakfast
  • Over all house is neat and tidy
So, when she leaves, all I'll need to do is change "D's" diaper, give him a drink and out the door we'll go. I'll need to make sure that by Monday night I've made a menu plan, made a grocery list for needed items, gone over the drug store fliers and gathered any coupons I'll be using.

I figure I'll do any CVS / Walgreens / Rite Aid shopping first. Then we'll be off to the grocery. Once we're back home we'll get the purchases put away, have lunch and put "D" down for a nap. Then at 2:30 it's time to pick up the other kiddos at school.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Now, let's recap Monday...
I feel really good about all I accomplished. I began my day by getting the kiddos up. As they got out of bed, I made the beds up. (No, I do not ask my kids to make their beds on school mornings. 6:30 AM is too early for that!) Then into the kitchen to fix breakfast. While they ate I read Proverbs 5 aloud. They went off to get dressed and so did I. I took them to school then "little man" and I came back home to find 21! wild turkeys in the pasture. Cool!

I fed "D" his breakfast then it was time to really get busy. I wiped down both bathrooms like usual. I also cleaned both bathtubs and swept and moped both bathroom floors.

I feather dusted the house picking up odds and ends as I went from room to room. Next I vacuumed the house.

In between I did 3 loads of laundry. Currently the 3rd load is in the dryer waiting for me to decide I want to fold it. (I DO NOT LOL! It's socks and undies and my least favorite to do)

I left the kitchen for last since that is the Zone I'm in this week. I got all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and tackled the clutter on the counters. My kitchen is dump-ground central and I SO want to stop that. Next I wiped the counters down along with the kitchen table. Then I swept and moped the floor.

By now it was lunch time for "D" and me. I heated up some leftovers and we ate then I put him down for a nap. Then I took everything out of the fridge and washed the inside of it with hot soapy water. All the good stuff went back in and the old stuff got trashed. I then moved onto the freezer. Same deal...good stuff back, old stuff gone. I quickly whipped up a pan of brownies and put them in the oven and cleaned up the mess.

That was MORE than enough for one day!!! While "D" finished his nap, I lurked around the web.

The rest of the day was spent picking up kids from school, snacks and goofing off until time for dinner. I had done all I was going to do by 2:30. There is no reason to work oneself to death cleaning. What didn't get done today will still be there tomorrow.

How did you do today? Did you reach your goal?

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Your menu sounds awesome. I never do a menu plan. I just knkow what I have and whatever we are in the moo for, that is what appears on the table. I have planned in the past but it never seemed to work out. I do a lot better not planning. Good luck with all of your errands today. Not a great day to run around with a kid in tow is it?

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