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I’ve not been deep cleaning lately but I have been trying to keep on top of the day to day stuff and laundry.

Today I’ve got laundry going and I’ve done my daily routine. You know the drill…making beds, washing dishes, wiping the bathroom, taking care of the little boy…

I also decided to try baking bread again. *Sigh* I want to learn how to make those yummy, fluffy loaves of bread but mine always turn out heavy. I tried a new recipe and I think I’m coming close to what I want. This bread turned out fluffier but it was still a bit dense. I think a bit more kneading is required. At least this loaf is okay to eat LOL.

The recipe I used makes 3 loaves, but I didn’t want 3 loaves. I turned part of the loaf into bread sticks for dinner tonight and boy are they GOOD! I used the rest of the dough for cinnamon danish. They look yummy and smell great. I just need to add a powder sugar frosting and we’ll have these for our after school snack.

One other project I worked on today was cleaning out the book case. We have a small book shelf in the living room with some of the kids books. Mostly the little boys books and the older kids keep their books in their rooms.

This book case has just gotten WAY out of hand. Lots of books that are no longer useful to us have been piled in.

Here, take a look…


I got busy and emptied that shelf and sorted through those books.

Here are the results…


SOOO much better! I’ve got lots of great books that will go to a yard sale when ever we have one. Hopefully they will find a good home :-)

Tonight we’re having homemade pizzas and I trying my hand at making pizza dough. The kids have AWANAS tonight and dinner will be early. I’ll get the kitchen cleaned up while they are gone then I’ll be free to enjoy the rest of the night!

For now, it’s the little boys nap time and I may just join him ;-)

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I make sourdough and we all love it. You can make loaf bread,breadsticks,rolls,cinnamon bread...yummy!!!!!

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