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I bough 3 of this same type of shirt. I just LOVE them. I wore one today and it was so comfortable and it looked nice, too!

Regular Price: $12.98 each
Sale Price: $3.88 each

I wear a lot of these types of shirts in the summer time. These were just too cute and too good of a deal to pass up so I bought 2 of them. If they had more colors I would have bought them, too.

Regular Price: $10.98 each
Sale Price: $2.20 each


I am always on the look out for a good deal on skirts or dresses for church. I thought this was a pretty good price for a nice, basic skirt.

Regular Price: $15.98
Sale Price: $4.49
One last good deal on a church skirt.

Regular Price: $16.96
Sale Price: $5.09

My total Regular Price would have been: $93.84
Total price I paid: $25.92

Total Savings: $67.92

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Glad you got such good deals! Do you know if there were many of those skirts (khaki colored one)/where they were in the store? That is the exact style I've been wanting!

You got some great deals. Way to go!

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