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Today I am asking for prayer for my Uncle David.
You see, two years ago he was told he had tongue cancer.
He went to Charleston and had his tongue removed.
He had all of his teeth removed.
The doctors then took muscle from his shoulder and made a new tongue for him.

He has made an amazing recovery. It's nothing short of a miracle. Some people never get off a feeding tube. Well, this remarkable man has been off that feeding tube for over a year. He can't "chew" food, but he is able to eat and even taste lots of foods. Did you know you have taste buds in your throat?
He lives at home with his 96 year old mother and he does all the stuff he's always done.

Now, we think the cancer is back. He has a growth under his chin. He and my mom have gone to Charleston today for more tests and to find out for sure what this is. There is a small chance it is an infection, but we really don't think it is. Once they find out for sure what it is, they will be performing surgery to remove it.

Please take a moment to say a prayer for him today.

I'll update what the doctors tell us later today.

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I will say prayers for him today - please update so I can know how to pray later. I cannot imagine!

I will be praying, Julie! I'll be looking for an update so I will know how best to pray. Bless his heart, he sure has been through a lot...

Praying with you! Let us know how things are going!

I have never heard anything like that before. Wow!

I will say a prayer for him and your family. Please update us later on so we can continue to pray for him!!

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