Guess what we have at our house?  

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I tried to find a "not so graphic" picture of ......PINK EYE!!!
My poor girls have it.
My 5 yr old has it really bad.
This morning she looked like someone punched her in the eye :-(
I knew last night that the 5 yr old had it.
I did a little looking for homemade solutions.
One suggestion was to get salt water and soak cotton balls in it
then wipe the eyes, letting the water seep into the eye.
Of course, we went to the Dr today to get the meds to treat it.
I've not put the drops in yet, but I was just looking at her eyes and
guess what? They look lots better!
Oh, I'm going to use those over priced eye drops
($70.00 per tiny bottle)
but it makes me wonder if we TRULY needed them?
How many simple solutions or home remedies could we use to solve the day to day, run of the mill icky-s that come around?

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I am such a dingbat!! I thought you were going to say that someone in your family has purple eyes, LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I think I need sleep, I am not thinking clearly, Hahahah :)

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